Waiting Hearts

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Who says a Country Heart will wait forever…

Raymond Charleston spent the last seven years focused solely on ensuring the success of his family’s ranch. The oldest son of the well-known and respected Charleston family, with a mop of dark hair under his Stetson, a tall, muscular built and a smile that could charm even the blind, he is one of the most eligible bachelors in Eastly. But his love for the ranch was rivaled only once before, by his love for one woman …
…until she had broken his heart.

Lily Woods has tried to put her past behind her. Being the girl from the wrong side of town was definitely not the stuff fairy tales were made of. But after spending seven years in the most romantic city in the world, having the world at your feet turns out to be less than perfect when you’ve left your heart in the country. So Lily finds herself back in her home town, where everybody knows your name, your family, your history and your almost future. And she wants it all back. Their dream house, his family, and the happily ever after he had always promised her.
There is just one problem …
Raymond isn’t waiting anymore.

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Uncovering secrets could turn out to to be the best and the worst thing you never knew …

HAYLEY MCALLISTER is fiercely determined and focused and has spent her life being groomed to take over her father’s business empire. With a pair of unusual green eyes, and an almost cold outlook on life, which has earned her the nick name ‘Ice Queen’, she has vowed to never let any man turn her into a love-sick-girl; until the day the dark and devastatingly sexy SHAY MARASCINO steps into her world, shattering the ice and taking her sanity and half of her company, with her father’s blessing.

When a shocking secret is revealed, Hayley’s reaction causes a chain of events that threatens to destroy everything she holds dear … how much can one person forgive?


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Evan‘s story is coming in the next Chapter of the Radiant Love Series; Secrets.
Unexpected Love
Secrets Book 2
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